My family & I took part in the Marquette, MI Climate Walk recently. It was an awareness-raising event that involved a 5 mile hike along the shoreline bike path, culminating in a little festival with info booths and live music.

Comparing notes afterwards, my husband Dan and I found that we had each been struck by a different T-shirt worn by fellow participants.

The one I saw that I just loved read: “May the Forest be With You” – a cute but profound reminder of the spiritual power of the woods.

But Dan’s favorite actually spurred him to action. It said:

“Act as though what you do matters – because it does.”

Dan’s been spending a lot of time lately researching vehicles, because ours are really at the point of needing replacement. He good-naturedly cursed that T-shirt, because it prodded his conscience into jettisoning hours worth of research on available models in favor of shopping for an electric car.

Yes, what you do does matter. And what you say. Even the T-shirt you choose to wear today could result in real change for real people.

Choose carefully.