Dear Reader: I know not everyone has time to read a 2000+ word blog post with close attention. So in this article I’ve placed key concepts around the December 2023 Solstice in bold font, so you can still get the gist of it even if you are short on time. There is also a brief recap of the article at the end. Happy Solstice and happy reading (you might also enjoy tuning in to the video as well for a few more insights and to watch the art being painted!)

2023 Winter Solstice Energy Update

The December Solstice is an important energetic turning point and gateway each year. In the Northern Hemisphere it signals the beginning of the Return of the Sun portal – symbolic of new beginnings, resurrection, and ascension.

This December 2023 Solstice feels especially poignant as we move towards what will be undoubtedly a pivotal year ahead in 2024.

So today I want to share with you my downloads around the December 2023 solstice: 

  • The energies that are coming forward at this time
  • The spirit animal energy that is here to support us through the Solstice season
  • Channeled artwork for the winter solstice 
  • And suggestions for how we can navigate these December 2023 solstice energies with grace and for highest good
  • We’ll also look into the energies of Christmas and what that means for us at this time. 

Let’s start with the art! 

The H(e)art of the World

White Stag painting in watercolor by Ona Christie Martin

“Solstice Stag”, original watercolor painting, 11″x14″, 2023.

When I first tuned into the idea of the December 2023 solstice and asked for these energies to be explained, the first thing I was shown was the image of a white stag. 

I was told, “This is the Hart of the World.” 

That’s HART as in a deer. As you know spirit loves to speak with symbols and analogies, and even puns – so I took this to mean H(e)art in its punniest sense. So, keep in mind as we go forward that the energies of this December 2023 Solstice do deal quite a lot with Heart energy (as in the heart chakra) as well. 

In just a moment we’re going to explore the meaning of the White Hart or White Stag. But before we do, let’s detour into another aspect of this December 2023 Solstice. (I promise it will all make sense in the end!)  

Sun Time, Moon Time

When I asked further, I was told that this winter solstice is a Lunar juncture, that we’re being invited to work deeply with lunar energies at this time. 

And so I asked, “Why do you say it is a lunar juncture when in fact the Solstice is a solar event?” 

And I was told that “at the Solstice the sun is at its nadir, or lowest point. The Moon dominates the sky at this time, and so this is the time of year when the power of the Moon and what is going on with the Moon can be felt especially strongly.”

On a side note, if you are in the Southern hemisphere, you might feel these energies a little differently than we do in the northern half of the globe. But no matter where you are, I think it’s pretty powerful that right at the Solstice this year we’ve just passed the first quarter moon. 

The moon right now is in a really strong, vital state: it’s in its most powerful quarter as it waxes towards full, so when we’re looking at the Solstice window, I’d say these energies are going to be directly prevalent for about a week after the actual solstice – which will take us right through Christmas into the full moon on December 27th. 

The Meaning of the Moon

moon goddess drawingWhen I’m called to do these energy updates, it’s uncanny how often relevant information just starts dropping into my field. You may have experienced that kind of thing, too. It’s like the universe is curating things for you! (If this is something you’ve experienced, please consider dropping a comment below because I’d love to hear about it.)

So anyway, shortly after I received this message about the December 2023 Solstice, I got a blog update from my friend Dipa Sanatani in my email. Dipa writes a lot about the meanings of different archetypes, and guess what this one was all about? If you guessed the Moon, you’re spot on! 

Dipa’s blog about the Moon archetype really helped me to understand the energies we’re in right now as we move into this December Solstice season of 2023. I’m going to share the link to her blog in the description of this video if you’d like to read Dipa’s whole article, but for now I’d like to share with you a couple passages, so you’ll see what I mean. 

She writes: 

As an archetypal energy, the moon represents our fears, our anxieties, our hopes and our dreams. The moon shows us insights into the unseenthe moon tarot card world. It can also reveal to us the traumatic memories of the past that, while no longer in existence, continue to play a tug-of-war battle within us. If you find yourself troubled or bothered by old memories, it may be a worthwhile exercise to revisit them and release them.  

And she goes on to say: 

Sometimes, when we imagine that the future will be like the past and vice versa, we end up experiencing unwarranted emotional anguish even before it actually happens. If traumatic memories are present, these must be dealt with by allowing them to emerge from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind before they are fully released. Sometimes, we find old memories resurfacing and we don’t realise that we are heavily influenced by them either on a conscious or subconscious level….

And finally, she discloses that lunar energy often has to do with allowing the universe to take the lead. Learning to surrender our need for control and to be receptive and wait for the right energies and information to reach us that will help us to make decisions that will support our highest truth. She writes: 

We must learn to release, to let go and to surrender. We must do our best and then leave the rest to God.

So what does this all have to do with the White Stag? 

Well, here’s what I was told: 

The White Stag is an animal of the Moon. Of cycles and harmonies. Of illumination and occlusion. Of disclosure and concealment. Of shifting perceptions. 

This is a time when people’s minds may change. When emotions may run hot or cold. When the mystical may reveal itself. Watch for hidden messages at this time.

The White Stag is an interesting creature because it typically shows up in folklore and stories as an invitation to step into the unknown, as a portal to transformation

There are so many stories about the prince or hero who gets separated from his hunting buddies and finds himself in a wild part of the forest, where there are no paths, and that is where he sees the stag. 

And if he has any sense of adventure he will follow the stag, and the stag will lead him deeper and deeper into the forest, where the hero typically has to face a series of tests and initiations. It’s a magical place fraught with danger, and yet it’s only by going through it and being tested that the hero is able to find his true power

What the White Stag Means Now at the End of 2023

So the appearance of the white stag is a good indication that things are about to get pretty wild and potentially very dark and gnarly. So it’s going to be really important to stay aware – that’s how you get through the wild forest. 

And here’s another thing about it: both the Moon and the Forest archetypes are indicating this is a time to go within. As my friend Dipa suggests, it’s a time to revisit our emotional world and invite ourselves to deeply heal past and ancestral traumas. 

Also remember that in every story, the hero is never truly alone. Some kind of helper always shows up as long as he stays on his quest for truth. 

And the Stag himself is a helper as well, leading him on where he needs to go. 

white buck

Interestingly, the White Stag in western tradition is like a cousin to the Unicorn. It represents purity and it’s seen also as a symbol for Christ. With its great set of antlers, it represents a wide-open crown chakra, almost like a set of antennae receiving activations from above – and I really take it to indicate that we are receiving and going to receive huge amounts of Light energy in the year ahead. In fact, this is exactly what is going to trigger this sense of moving into chaos. 

In a practical sense what we can expect here in the 3D world is more of what we’re already seeing start to unfold. War, financial collapse, all that stuff, which is paving the way for a real Tower moment in 2025. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Just know that if you are awake enough to have followed this for so long, you’re ready for this. We are here to hold the light through the darkest night of the collective soul. And that’s what the Hart of the World is here to show us. 

Because the way through it all is through the heart. And by aligning with the Christ impulse. 

Which brings me to a couple of final insights I was given to share with you. 

One is that it’s going to be super important to stay grounded as much as possible, using whatever grounding techniques work well for you. WHether it’s root chakra work, breathwork and meditation, or connecting directly with the earth in some way. And when you connect with Mother Earth, I’ve been told very specifically to suggest to you that when you ground yourself, do so by connecting with the ascended Earth, or the 5D energetic grid of Gaia, NOT the 3D matrix earth grid. In that way you will be both drawing on and building the energy of the New Earth that we are here to seed into reality at this time. 

Christmas Energy Update 2023

The other final insight is a message I received when I asked to be shown the energies of Christmas 2023. And this is regardless of your religion: it has to do with the natural solar cycle of time. Faith traditions around the world celebrate in some way the return of the Light about 3 days or so past the Solstice. 

Here is what my guidance said about Christmas this year: 

Come forward. Step into the Light. Now is the time to make decisions. Now is the time to make a choice. 

This (Christmas 2023) is a day of activation. This is a day from which there is no turning back. Open your heart to glory. Turn to face the Sun. On this day hearts join in celebration. Will you join them? Will you claim victory as a human being? Will you claim your sovereignty? Will you devote yourself to the Light? This day is an invitation. This day is a portal to Truth. 

I’m going to be speaking a lot more about this in my next video, which will be an energy update for the year 2024 and will explain a lot more of the bigger picture of the energy pattern we’re working through at this time, plus some more art that explains it all.  So, stay tuned!

Here’s a quick recap of the energies of the December 2023 Solstice: 

  • The December 2023 Solstice is an amazing energetic portal for purification and going within. It’s a good time for fasting. If you fall sick or catch a cold or flu at this time, don’t worry, it’s probably just your body feeling the energy and doing its own purification ritual. 
  • This is an excellent time to work with clearing old or ancestral traumas.
  • And also, for surrendering to Higher Will. 
  • Once we hit Christmas, Yule, or whatever you want to call it, the energies will facilitate moving from a more inward state of introspection and purification towards supporting making a firm decision. 
  • We are encouraged at this time to take a stand and really devote ourselves to our highest purpose. To claim our sovereignty as an enlightened being and devote ourselves to serving Truth and Light no matter what. 
  • So in short, this is an incredibly powerful initiation point. It is a point of no return.  It may feel intense, but if we move with these energies in a conscious way it’s really going to prepare us to enter into our highest path of service in 2024 and 2025 and beyond. 

If you resonate with my Solstice Stag art

White Stag painting in watercolor by Ona Christie MartinOn a final note, if you enjoy working with power animals, it’s hard to connect with a more powerful one to help us through this time than the White Stag

This painting I’ve just completed is full of activations that resonate with this Lunar Solstice energy and the magic of the White Hart. 

I’ve just put him up on my website for sale and as usual there will be one special person who is meant to have the original Solstice Stag painting. And for a limited time only I’ll also be offering prints of the Solstice Stag only through the end of this month of December 2023. 

Wishing you all the blessings of the season this Solstice!