Guilt is an interesting emotion, because it subverts and manipulates Love. If Love is not present, it’s impossible for guilt to take hold.

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in situations where our best interests appear to conflict with another’s. This is a breeding ground for guilt.

For many years I struggled with guilt around eating animal products. I tried just about every meat-free diet under the sun, from lacto-ovo vegetarian to raw vegan. Eventually I would always end up feeling physically, mentally, and/or emotionally imbalanced. It seems that at least for now my particular body needs at least a small amount of meat.

This disturbed me. I wrestled with it for years before I finally thought to ask my guides for their perspective.

“We are all one,” they said. “Nature eats itself in order to grow and expand in consciousness. This is a gift of the animals to you, given out of love at the soul level, for the sake of the All. Accept and receive it with gratitude. Do not allow feelings of guilt to taint your receiving. Guilt does not honor their sacred gift.”

I noticed that the more stress I was under the greater my need for meat. I was given to understand that part of the animals’ gift is to help ground and connect me to Mother Earth so that I can more easily deal with denser energies. I was also told that as I progress spiritually and learn to live in love, my need for animal products will lessen, and this has proven to be the case. I hope at some point to give them up altogether. In the meantime, I do my best to choose ones that are produced as humanely as possible, and give thanks at each and every meal.

Not everyone struggles with this particular issue, but nearly all of us experiences guilt at one time or another.

Guilt binds. It is the enemy of freedom. If you are dealing with guilt, know this:

  • We are here for a reason. We do have needs and it’s important that our real needs be met so we can move towards our higher purpose.
  • Each individual is responsible for determining and honoring their own real needs.
  • Sacrificing our real needs for another in a way that is counter to our purpose is not an act of love and will create karma for both.
  • Guilt does not honor another’s sacrifice for our well being. Gratitude does.*
  • When we wrong others, guilt will not heal the wounding. Forgiveness will.

If you are struggling with feelings of guilt, connect with the other person at the soul level. Express your love and gratitude for them, and ask for forgiveness, both from them and from yourself.  (You can do this at the soul level if the person’s ego is unable to forgive.) Also send yourself a lot of love.

Then, ask your angels to help you clear any feelings of guilt around the situation, and guide you to the best actions to take moving forward. The Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono can also be hugely helpful.

Much love and many blessings,


*Sometimes we must choose between courses of action that all appear to deny our real needs. In this case the path that honors the highest real need will be the most desirable—which may entail a great deal of sacrifice. Jesus is a great example of this.