Let’s talk about energy centers – chakras – and the creative process! If you read (or watched) my March 2023 Energy Update, you’ll remember that there’s a great current of Divine Feminine manifesting energy moving through the Earth plane right now. And so the chakras of manifestation – the aspects of our energy centers that contribute to the creative process – are all going to be very much activated at this time. 

Knowing how the various chakras contribute to the creative process can help us understand how better to direct and work with our energy when we want to manifest something. It can also shed light on what’s happening in the world today. Let’s take a look!

The Secret Law that Turns Your Chakras into Manifesting Superpowers

Most spiritually aware people know that you need healthy, balanced energy centers in order to feel great and tune in to your spiritual guidance effectively. So it’s important to stay aware of the health of your chakras and clear them as needed to maintain vital energetic health.

But that’s not what this article is about. Here, we’re going to take a look at the interaction between masculine and feminine energies within and between the chakras.

Why? Because these are the two great creative energies of the universe, according to the Hermetic Principle of Gender. And when we have these energies flowing harmoniously through our chakra system, it empowers us to be incredibly creative. I’m talking an epic level of ability to manifest your visions and desires, compared to the average human being on the planet today.

So let’s take a look at the chakras of manifestation, in light of the Law of Gender.

Image illustrating law of gender and chakras of manifestation

Chakras of Manifestation

The Law of Gender states that everything has masculine and feminine energies within it. However most things will polarize towards either masculine or feminine. A feminine-leaning unit will then benefit from interacting with a unit polarized towards the masculine, because together they have the complimentary energies needed to create something new.

When we apply this to the chakra system as a whole, we can feel that some energy centers are more polarized towards the masculine and some towards the feminine. (At least this is what I’ve observed. If you’d like to learn more about this, take a quick look at my Youtube video on how to recognize masculine and feminine energies.)

In brief, masculine chakras tend to be more rigid, catalyzing, and/or projecting, and feminine chakras tend to be more fluid, nurturing, and/or receiving.

It’s important to realize that labeling the chakras “masculine” or “feminine” isn’t an all or nothing categorization. Just as every man has female energy within him and every woman has male energy within her, each chakra itself has masculine and feminine polarities which can affect its expression. (This is especially true of the heart, as we shall see.) However the overall energy will lean towards one or the other.

The Feminine Chakras

symbol for female, indicating feminine chakras of manifestation

The Heart, the 3rd eye, and the sacral: all these are feminine chakras, and all are very much chakras of manifestation. Their emphasis is on FLUIDITY, LOVE, and GENERATION. Let’s take a quick look at each of them in terms of their creative power: 

  • The Sacral Chakra (physical LOVE):

This is the lower emotional center and the energy center most involved with sexual reproduction on the physical plane. However human beings can channel the energy of this chakra towards non-sexual creative endeavors as well.

Sacral energy is instrumental in manifesting things on the physical, material plane. It also helps to manifest money, which represents material wealth. If you want to get rich, you need a well-functioning sacral chakra. But it’s not all about money. Sacral energy is involved any time you want to bring your thoughts into reality, whether it be attracting the love of your life, finding the perfect job, or manifesting a parking spot on Black Friday.

  • The Heart Chakra (unconditional LOVE):

The Heart is the higher emotional center, through which we experience high vibrations like compassion and unconditional love. It is also a bridge. Heart energy is unifying, connecting energy. It helps resolve differences, bringing opposites together: masculine and feminine, spirit and body.

Of all the chakras, the Heart is the least polarized. It actually has a very strong masculine side to it: the ability to strongly radiate love and compassion. We see this embodied by Master Yeshua; I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of him with a brilliant, radiant Heart. In fact, it’s that ability of the Heart to easily integrate both gender polarities that makes it such a keystone chakra in the manifestation process. (More on this below!)

  • The 3rd Eye Chakra (spiritual RECEPTION and mental VISION):

The 3rd Eye is the intuitive center. It’s the energy center through which we receive higher knowledge. It’s also a visual center. Much as the physical female reproductive system receives the sperm, combines it with the egg, and generates a new human being at the physical level, the third eye receives spiritual direction from the crown, and combines it with imagery to create a mental vision which then becomes the template or blueprint for physical manifestation.

Can you see a pattern here? This is the triple goddess. The Maiden (sacral or sexual love), Mother (heart or motherly love), and Matron or Crone (intuitive wisdom), are symbolic of the feminine aspects of our own chakra system. 

But to fully understand the creative process, we need to explore the masculine side as well.

The Masculine Chakras

symbol for male, indicating masculine chakras of manifestation

The Masculine energy centers are the Root, Solar Plexus, Throat, and Crown. These energy centers emphasize STABILITY, POWER, and DIRECTION: 

  • The Root Chakra (safety):

A balanced Root chakra provides a strong foundation for the entire human energetic system. It helps to anchor the aetheric body into that of the Earth. It provides the emotional body with a feeling of security—an absolutely necessary condition for healthy creation. And it helps the physical body stay vital and resilient.

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra (power):

When balanced, the Solar Plexus allows you to create healthy boundaries, recognizing and protecting what is yours vs. what is not. It also works like an engine. With a strong Solar chakra, you have the ability to get things done!

  • The Throat Chakra (will):

The Throat chakra is like an amplifier. It projects the vision generated by the 3rd eye out into the world in the form of Word. This then seeds physical reality with the thought of what wants to come into being. From there, the lower chakras can take over and bring it to fruition.

  • The Crown Chakra (consciousness):

This energy center governs higher consciousness. It helps to anchor the individual to Universal Consciousness much as the root chakra anchors to earth. With your Crown chakra balanced and open, you are able to understand the world around you and choose wisely in alignment with your higher self.

The Masculine chakras of manifestation provide catalyzing initiative as well as the framework (support and protection) for feminine (generating) creative energies to flow. The process goes something like this: 

A thought is initiated through the Crown, and turned into vision in the 3rd eye. The Throat expresses it as Word, and the emotional centers (Sacral and/or Heart) build energy around it. The Solar Plexus holds the boundaries for generation to happen and provides extra energy to fuel the process. And the Root keeps everything grounded and stable to avoid aborting the process. (This is a simplified model but hopefully it will help explain the process.)

Without the masculine, the feminine can still create. But the addition of his energies help guide and direct her creative power in ways that could not happen otherwise.  The Divine Masculine and Feminine energies working together open infinite possibilities for the accelerated evolution of Life. 

Chakras of Manifestation and the Gender Question

image of male and female symbols merged, symbolizing chakras of manifestation working in harmony

Energetically, we are witnessing a powerful turning point. Humanity, and the Earth, are shifting to a higher level of consciousness. For this higher consciousness to manifest successfully on the physical plane, we are going to need to harmonize masculine and feminine energies again within the collective of humanity.

This process is already happening all across the globe at the individual level, as it is a core part of the spiritual awakening process for many. The current prevalence of gender-related social concerns indicates that it is also occurring at the level of the collective. At the moment there is much confusion around gender in many sectors of society. This is to be expected, as our understanding of gender roles is necessarily changing along with society itself.

However, change is not always comfortable, nor does it always happen in a way that makes sense to everyone. While abandoning rigid gender roles does allow greater freedom for individuals to follow their hearts and soul paths, one must also remember that traditional gender roles came about for a reason and lent a significant amount of structure and stability to society. New concepts around gender should also be respectful of the natural strengths of both genders and focus on creating harmony rather than strife between them both at the individual and collective level.

Two Things to Consider About Gender

  • We must let go of any concept of the Goddess or feminine energy being superior or more powerful than God or masculine energy—or vice versa. They work together. The feminine receives the directive of the masculine (solar plexus, throat, crown chakras) and brings it into physical being. She can create on her own. However, advanced evolution can only happen when the two manifest in cooperation with each other. (In other words, in a state of Love!)
  • And above all, we must remember that according to spiritual Law, the core purpose of gender is the generation and continuation of Life. Where concepts and practices do not align with this, we will inevitably fall from a timeline that supports Life and the evolution of consciousness, onto a path of devolution and the ultimate destruction of the human race. This is not a moral judgement, but a fact of Nature.

Here are a few thoughts in closing, for those interested in creating beauty, prosperity, and abundance for themselves and humanity: 

The Heart of the Matter

Goddess energy like anything else has its polarities. She has both light (balanced) and dark (imbalanced) aspects. This shows us why it’s so important to stay in the heart.  The Goddess can create with only the sacral and 3rd eye, but without the central feminine chakra, the heart, she will bring forth only lower vibrational beings and situations.

We need to be aware of this, because it can be really easy to get swept away by the power of the divine Feminine. Just because it’s Goddess energy doesn’t mean it’s aligned with the highest good.

The Heart is a connecting and unifying chakra. Its function is more to ensure that the upper and lower chakras are aligned than in direct generation. In other words, it’s an alignment chakra. It connects the upper and lower chakras of manifestation, the spirit and body, Heaven and Earth—through the power of Love.

Heart and Soul: Chakras of Manifestation and The Future of Humanity

Detail of painting of Mary Magdalene showing her eyes and 3rd eye

One of the biggest areas of manifestation for humanity has always been technology. We are rushing headlong into perhaps the most profound period of change in human history. This is going to be, amongst many other things, a technology revolution. We’re already seeing it with the release of Chat GPT, Elon Musk’s proposed brain chip, self-driving cars, and so on. And these technologies, as advanced as they seem to us now, are just the tip of the iceberg compared to where humanity will be in just a few short years. 

The question is: can we move into this new technological age with our humanity intact? Or will our capacity to create continue to outstrip our ability to heed our inner wisdom – and even our souls? 

The key here is to stay in the heart. This is why it’s so critical right now to heal our inner feminine.  And especially the Mother energies within us and around us. Life begins in the Heart of the Mother, and if we want it to continue, we need to tend to that Heart for all we are worth. 

This is why Mary Magdalene is coming forward so strongly at this time. She represents the Feminine Christ: the feminine aspect of that which transcends all darkness through Love, through the heart. Unlike some other goddesses  she is intimately acquainted with the dark part of her own nature, yet in full compassion with it chooses the path of Light. As a human being, I can think of nothing more worthy of emulation than that.