The Wind Boy by Ethey Cook Eliot“Mom, have you read The Wind Boy yet?

There she goes again, I thought.

“No, not yet. It’s on my list, though.”

“Well, put it at the top of your list. You really need to read it.”

To say my daughter Aster loves books is like saying a fish likes to swim. Her taste runs towards fantasy, especially anything with dragons. This book doesn’t have a dragon, so suffice it to say it has to be pretty good for her to be so wild about it.

And wild about it she is. She has read it multiple times, and keeps pestering me to read it, too.

So this week, I finally got tired of hearing her ask, “When are you going to read The Wind Boy?”

I picked it up. And started to read.

And now it’s my turn to say to you…

You really need to read The Wind Boy!

It’s kind of old fashioned (it was first published in 1923), but that only adds to its charm. It’s the kind of ageless book that you can read aloud to very small children and be just as engrossed in the story as they are. (Think Mary Poppins or Winnie the Pooh. That kind of book.)

And, it’s got a dreamy, spiritual quality that I think you will love.

I’m sure you can read plot spoilers elsewhere, so I won’t elaborate. But next time you’re out of things to read and are in the mood for something short, sweet, uplifting, and thought-provoking, give The Wind Boy a try. 🙂