whats in the way is the way book coverI love books. They open doors, not just portals into other worlds, but within ourselves.

A couple of years ago a book by Mary O’Malley found its way into my hands. I found it illuminating at the time, and recently was inspired to pick it back up again. And yes – it lives up to my memory of it!

I was moved to write a quick Amazon review of this book, entitled “What’s In the Way IS the Way: Moving Beyond Your Struggle Into the Joy of Being Fully Alive.”

I thought you might like to know about this book, too. Here is what I wrote:

Book Review: “What’s in the Way Is the Way: A Practical Guide for Waking Up to Life” by Mary O’Malley

Often the most profound insights in life are actually very simple. The problem is that we are so trained to expect complexities that it is sometimes virtually impossible for our minds to comprehend the obvious. Using both metaphor and direct explanation, Mary O’Malley gently and masterfully pulls away the clouds of confusion that keep most of us from living lives of joy and purpose.

I am especially grateful to Mary for bringing to light the eight “spells,” or negative core beliefs, that keep so many people enmeshed. She not only helps you identify which “spells” are holding you back, but provides concrete guidance to help you release yourself from their grip.

You can read Mary’s book straight through, and if you are ready for these concepts it will definitely move you forward in the awakening process. However I recommend slowing down and really moving through each chapter as through it were a workbook. Take your time with this book. Experience it. If you really want to experience the transformation it carries within its pages, devote a week or so (or more) to each chapter. The exercises and handy re-membering sections at the end of each chapter facilitate using the book in this way. I imagine that this would also be an awesome book to work through in a group setting.
In conclusion, “What’s In the Way IS the Way” reveals in a loving, compassionate way that inner peace and fulfillment is truly within our reach, and finding it can be as easy as opening your eyes to the sunlight of a summer’s morning.
What’s in the Way Is the Way“is available on Amazon and through other booksellers. In full disclosure I do have an Amazon affiliate account, which means that should you purchase the book through one of my links I will earn a small percentage and you will earn my gratitude. Regardless, I do wholeheartedlyrecommend this book to anyone interested in cutting past the illusions of life and experiencing a more peaceful, joyful way of being!  🙂
What books have helped you on your spiritual journey?