blue jay

Blue Jay

Of all power animals, Blue Jay jumps out at me as being the most in tune with the entrepreneurial spirit. If you have started a business, or are thinking of doing so, this bird can inspire you!

I’m going to write about the Blue Jay because that’s what we have in my neck of the woods (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula). If you live out west you may be more familiar with the Steller’s Jay, which is in the same genus, Cyanocitta. Both share many of the same characteristics and sport beautiful blue coloration. There are other types of jays, too. They are all members of the Corvidae family, which they share with crows, ravens and magpies.

Here are a few ways in which Jay energy resonates with entrepreneurship:

  • Communication. The Jay’s blue color is associated with the Throat chakra – your communication center. Not only that, but Jay has a penetrating voice and is not afraid to use it! Some people may think it is obnoxious, but Jay performs an important service by sounding the alarm against predators. When you start a business, think of Jay. Don’t feel shy about self-promotion. You’re doing the world a service by sharing your gifts! You can’t help anyone if they don’t know you exist. (By the way, Jay’s voice isn’t always raucous. He is a songbird, and makes a beautiful gurgling flutey call in addition to his famous jeer. He is also a master imitator, and will mimic hawks and many other birds. Just like smart businesspeople take ideas from many sources.)
  • Taking action. Jay doesn’t just sound the alarm. He follows up with swift, decisive action, often driving off predators many time his size. Whatever you do
    Steller's Jay

    Steller’s Jay

    in your business, you’ll find that things won’t happen just by talking about them. You’ve got to beat your wings to earn your rewards!

  • Shiny objects. Blue Jays love shiny things and will incorporate bits of foil and other treasures into their nests. It’s common for socially conscious entrepreneurs to feel guilty about enjoying the beautiful and pleasurable things in life. Blue Jay tells us it’s A-OK.
  • Being resourceful and prepared. Like all corvids, Blue Jay is an opportunist, and highly intelligent. Jays eat a wide variety of plant and animal foods (although they have a special fondness for acorns.) Blue Jays have a special pouch in their throat that allows them to carry more food than their beaks can hold. They will also store food in caches to enable them to survive periods of scarcity. If you run your own business, you would do well to emulate Jay and stash away an emergency fund to get you through the rough patches. 😉
  • Networking and partnerships. Blue jays are highly social. They often mate for life and both parents cooperate to raise the young. Jays will often congregate in large flocks, and they communicate with each other through a wide range of gestures and vocalizations – rather like a bunch of businesspeople at a conference!

A to Z April Challenge Finally, Blue Jay has a connection with higher thought and clarity of vision. And here’s something awesome to consider: its habit of burying extra food is thought to have helped replant our oak forests after the glaciers receded from the last Ice Age. A fitting symbol for the regenerative role the entrepreneur who is truly aligned with her higher purpose plays in society, don’t you think?


photo credit: Looking for peanuts via photopin (license)