Boy releasing falcon spirit animal

This month I thought I’d do something fun. I’ve decided to join the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge! I’m using my other blog, Wild Woman’s Wolf Pack, as the primary blog for this, but since the theme (Spirit Animals) is so relevant to my work I’ll be re-posting here as well.

Since “animals” starts with “A” I thought I’d kick off with a few words about what spirit animals are and why they matter.

So, everything – everything in this physical world that we can see and smell and touch – has a corresponding spiritual energy.

If you’ve ever taken martial arts or done any acupuncture or energy work they’ll tell you about chi – the energy moving through the body. So we have energy always flowing through and around our bodies. As you get more attuned you can start to sense it.

But in addition there are also spiritual companions – for humans they’re called guardian angels. You have an angel that supports you. And so does each little rock and flower and tree and bird. (although they’re called different things.)

Yes, each individual animal has a corresponding spirit, but also there is a spirit governing each species of animal.

Bear in snowSo there’s the bear spirit and the mouse spirit and the earthworm spirit. And that’s what’s meant by a totem animal.

And these things are real energies in the world, but we perceive them as symbol, as archetype.

And that’s why symbols are such powerful things. When you start working with the symbols you tap into that spiritual energy that’s out there in the world, and when you align yourself with them you take on some of that power and they can support you in what you do.

Powerfully. As in getting back in touch with your inner nature. Finding your true purpose. That kind of thing. I know, because they’re doing it for me.

I could totally write a book on this (and maybe I will someday) but I’ll leave it here by inviting you to pay attention to the animals that enter your awareness. They have messages for you – they really do. And when you start listening to them and figuring out what they are telling you – look out, because they’ll totally transform your life! 🙂

Spirit Horses

Tomorrow: Bats!