OK, it’s my 43rd birthday and since I didn’t bother making a New Year’s resolution I’m going to make one today – to start posting stuff on my blog as I do it.

Which means I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ll be posting recent work over the next few days or so.

Most of what I’ve been doing is digital illustration, although I’ve got a few watercolors in the works. Here’s a quick piece I did in Photoshop as a study for a watercolor:

Digital illustration girl and wasp

Yes, that’s a wasp she has on her finger. (It’s a little rough since as I mentioned this was a quick study.)

Did you know that if you stay calm, and if the wasp is not defending its nest, you can actually remove the critters from unwanted areas (like porches) barehanded? No need for smashing or slapping lids on containers. They’ll step right on to your finger with some encouragement. Then all you have to do is stay calm and radiate love – and move very slowly towards the door. The hardest part can actually be getting them to leave your finger.

Wear gloves if you want.

Have a great day!!