A friend recently asked me for insight on symbolism of Beaver spirit animal. Beavers are awesome animals and I could write pages on them, but today I’d like to share one of the biggest lessons we can learn from this aquatic rodent.

Beavers are considered a keystone species. That means that their presence in the environment has a direct and positive influence on the entire ecosystem of which they are a part.

As you may know, beavers like to eat the bark of fast-growing trees such as aspen. They gnaw them down and use the limbs and branches to dam up streams to create ponds. They then build their homes, or lodges, in the middle of the pond, which acts as a moat, helping to keep the beaver family safe and secure from predators.

The beavers, of course, do this for their own benefit. But in doing so, they benefit a huge number of other species as well. When they build these ponds they make possible entire ecosystems where other animals- including waterfowl and many species of fish and other aquatic creatures – can thrive.

This is a big lesson for lightworkers. We, too, are keystone creatures, capable of exerting powerful positive influence. The Beaver power animal shows us that taking care of our own genuine needs opens up space for not only us, but everyone around us to thrive. This includes helping ourselves to the resources we need.

Some people have a hard time with beavers, because they cut down trees. (Just as some people have a hard time with healers charging for their services.) But remember, they go for the fast-growing trees, which grow back quickly. A small price to pay for all the gifts and benefits Beaver brings, don’t you think?