healing angel painting

“Healing angel,” pastel, channeled angel painting by Christie Michelsen

I used to think angels were just romantic notions. Until I started doing intuitive energy work, and started sensing them in people’s auras. (It actually took me by surprise at first!)

Do they really look like beautiful humans with halos? Well, I think they are really simply pure, loving energy. But it’s easier for many people to relate to them when they appear in human form. That’s probably why they have come through that way to me and to many other artists throughout history.

I have a technique for connecting with spiritual energies that I thought for years was just doodling. I just open my mind to the universe and allow what wants to come through to appear on the paper. Often it’s an angel.

Last spring I caught that stomach flu that was going around. Needless to say I felt miserable! One day I just had to stay in bed. But at one point I sat up and invited a drawing to come in, and this is what came through. A healing angel!

Yes, it helped me feel better. 🙂

When you are feeling sick, or depressed, or otherwise unwell, I want you to know that you do have angels surrounding you.

They do exist. They are there for you, wherever you are and whatever may be happening to you. All you have to do is call on them. They will help you on some level, I guarantee it!

(If you are interested in ordering a channeled drawing or painting of your own healing or guardian angel, contact me here!)