U turn signAnger, impatience, resentment, nervousness…These nasty emotions have their place. They help us realize that something doesn’t feel right, and may need to be changed.
But if they are allowed to persist, they become the psychic equivalent of speed or cocaine.
They may give you a momentary rush.
They might even make you think you feel more alive, in a perverse sort of way.
But most of the time, they just poison your system.
And they can definitely turn your day – or your life – into a train wreck. Not to mention the days and lives of everyone around you.
The problem is that fighting them often backfires. You can’t fight fire with fire. And trying to “stuff it” can lead to an explosion.
What to do instead?
Think the opposite.
Imagine something that reminds you of peace or joy. Holding a little kitten, for example, or a baby’s first smile. Or, think of somethingbaby smile

you are especially grateful for.

Hold that thought in your mind (excuse yourself if you have to) until you can calm down and deal with the situation from a more balanced perspective.
Of course, if you have a lot of anger, fear, or resentment, you may need to use other techniques, too. But this is a simple one that can be extremely effective, especially for those ‘little’ annoyances that put a crimp in your day.
Try it, and let me know how it works for you!


photo credit: Sophie via photopin (license)