Warrior angel


Anyone else feeling a sense of urgency as we move towards this summer’s Solstice and eclipse season? 


It’s Spirit’s call to activate your divine gifts – but it can get pretty intense!


Are YOU a Light Warrior?


Here are 6 signs you’re experiencing a divine call to action as a Light Warrior:

  1. You are experiencing an intensified desire to find and/or embody your purpose
  2. You feel like you have got to take action NOW. This may manifest as a drive towards deeper spiritual connection; taking steps towards physical changes in your life like a move, change of career, etc; and so on.
  3. Accelerating synchronicities – you may be seeing significant number sequences, getting calls from people you’ve been thinking about, finding that things just line up for you in mysterious ways, etc.
  4. Heightened dream activity or more intense meditation experiences
  5. Changes in energy level – you may wake feeling exhausted like you’ve been battling dark forces all night, and/or experience intense bursts of energy. You may also find yourself waking up at odd times, like 3 or 4 in the morning.
  6. Feeling slammed or elated – you may be feeling out of sorts, burned out, anxious, depressed, etc. Or, you might be experiencing periods of unprecedented joy and connection. Or both!


I’m sure you’re already aware that there’s a reason you’re feeling this way. The consciousness on our beautiful planet is rising – and right now we’re at this tipping point where greater and greater numbers of people are going to start waking up to it.


Big shifts are happening this year, and when energy shifts, things can get pretty intense.


If you’re feeling a sense of urgency, it’s because your Divine gifts are needed on the planet right now! 🙂


But here’s the thing:


There’s a difference between Urgency and Emergency.


We’ve all been trained to react to urgent situations as though it were an emergency.


But is this really?


A rising of consciousness is a birthing of sorts. An emergence.


What if instead of an emergency, we treated it like an Emergence – y? 


What difference to you think that might make to the energy field of the planet and everyone on it?


To explore this concept further – and for 3 tips to help you keep balanced and on purpose as the events of 2020 continue to enfold, watch my latest video here: