Buckle up for this 2024 energy update! Because as intense as they were, the years 2020 through 2023 were just the warm-up for what we’re about to experience in the Year of the Dragon, 2024.

2024 is the first Dragon year since 2012, which was spiritually a pivotal year of shift and new beginnings. Dragon years are typically extremely potent periods of time. And so we can expect 2024 to be a humdinger of a year, in which a lot of the main energetic themes that have taken shape over the past 12 years to come to a head.

So stay tuned to this 2024 energy update because I’m going to be sharing: 

  • 5 mind-blowing things you NEED to know about the Year of the Dragon!
  • An akashic message that specifically reveals one powerful way we can work with Dragon energy to make the most of 2024, and 
  • Why 2024 is going to be an incredible year for manifesting! 

(If you prefer, you can watch the video instead, otherwise scroll down to read on):

Before we dive in…an invitation to a 2024 energy update deep dive! 

I just want to say that I received such a flood of information when I tuned into this year that this 2024 energy update article is only going to be a quick overview. 

So what I’ve decided to do is create an open house 2024 Energy Forecast event for my metaphysical ministry, Spoken Earth Ministries. It’s going to be a free live Gathering on Sunday, January 7 where I’m going to be sharing everything I downloaded right on zoom in person. I’ll share a bit more about this at the end of this article, or learn more and register here.  

Now, on to our 2024 energy update!

5 Spiritual Predictions to Help You Prepare for the Year of the Dragon 2024

I am actually super excited for 2024! Here are 5 things I’ve been shown to expect this year:

1. The way we experience Time is about to change. 

When I tuned in to my Akashic guides and asked for a 2024 energy update, the first thing they told me was, “We are entering Dragon Time.”

  • They are showing me stormclouds moving in a counterclockwise direction over the surface of the earth. 
  • They are showing me disturbances in the gravitational and/or magnetic fields of the earth. 
  • They also directed me to the noosphere of the earth.

Some of these things I will talk about at our 2024 energy update event, but for now let me share what my guides told me about Dragon Time.

They said: 

“The Dragon is a Power that has lain dormant for thousands of years. It is the keeper of the Earth Clock, the time mechanism of Earth. 

“Time as you know it is about to shift dramatically. 2024 opens the door for Time to be experienced in a far less linear pattern. 

You may begin to experience odd discrepancies in time. Should you choose to consciously work with it, it will become far easier to bend time to your will. You may choose to experience slowdowns or speedups (accelerations or decelerations) – in your experience of Time. 

“Consider this carefully. This is something you can ask for help with. Others too are aware of this and may choose to use this to further their own agendas. It is important for you to be aware of this as well so that you may begin to take more conscious command of the unfolding of time. 

“You can ask to experience Time in such a way. Should you need to optimize your use of time, ask your inner guides. Ask to connect with the Dragon, the Guardian of Time. Ask for the blessing of the Dragon. Also honor the Dragon. His colors are purple and blue, gray and white.”

Indeed, in Chinese astrology 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, and specifically the Wood Dragon. The Chinese New Year is February 10th, 2024. So if you find this information interesting let me know in the comments and I’ll feel a bit deeper into it and make another video closer to that date. 

2. We will experience accelerated manifestation

2024 is not just a Dragon year. As mentioned above, this year is specifically the Year of the Wood Dragon: activating the Wood element in Chinese medicine. 

Wood element energy is a lot like the energy of the zodiac sign of Aries in western astrology. Think of a young tree sprouting and growing vigorously upwards even through concrete or asphalt, and you’ll get the picture. It’s got a lot of strength, power and drive, and is associated with new beginnings and growth. But when wood energy gets unbalanced, it often shows up as anger, aggression, or frustration. 

The last Wood Dragon year was 1964, which has been called “the year America Lost It.” This was the year that by many accounts heralded the real start of the cultural revolution and social upheavals of the 1960’s. So it’s very likely we could see similar sorts of social and political upheavals being triggered (or expanding) big time this year. 

Good news for spiritual entrepreneurs though: Wood energy is very supportive of vision, planning, and getting things done. So if you are feeling called to start any kind of business or other venture, or take your existing one to the next level, the energies of 2024 are perfectly aligned for this! 

And whether it’s a business or personal or spiritual goals, anything you want to manifest this year will have the power of the wood dragon behind it. 

3. Continued Polarization and Bifurcation of Energies

"Divergence" original visionary art snake paintingWhen I tune in to the energies of 2024, I’m seeing crazy amounts of light codes hitting the planet. This will continue and even magnify the process of bifurcation you may have been hearing about for the past few years (see this 2022 energy update video for context.)

People are going to react either of two ways (or most likely for many of us, some of each):

  • Either they are going to feel activated by the light and start moving towards it in a much bigger way  – either by fighting their way up into the light (purification, dark night of the soul) or by spreading their leaves and branches and really soaking it in and enjoying unprecedented abundance.
  • Or for many people it’s going to feel super overwhelming and they’ll be like plants in too bright and hot an environment. So we could be looking at burnout, or people will take cover and bury themselves in darkness to try to get away from the overwhelming amount of light coming in.  This could look like addictions, depression, tuning out, denial, giving up, looking for someone or something outside themselves to save them, anger and aggression, etc.

In other words, these light codes will be triggering increasing insanity & chaos on the one hand, and increased opportunities for spiritual and/or material growth and abundance on the other. What you focus on will determine how it all plays out in your life. 

One last note before we go on: we will be feeling these light codes physically. Our physical bodies will have to adapt, so it’s really important to take extra special care of our bodies this year! Eat well, exercise, get your beauty sleep: all those things Mom told you to do. 

4. Rising of Christ Consciousness

While the bifurcation process can be painful, it’s a necessary part of the ascension process at this point. The silver lining is that the rising energies are that of Christ consciousness: the life stream of the planet. 

What I’m being shown is that there is going to be more interaction between awakened and awakening people and groups, organizations, partnerships, structures & affiliations forming that support a spiritually aligned way of being on the planet. These are going to be taking root and growing in a much more accelerated way in 2024.

It’s going to be really important to be aware of this and to look everywhere for the Light and opportunities to work with the Light and with others who are on the Light path – because it’s here, it just may be hard to see sometimes with all the darkness vying for attention. 

5. AI is going to turn the world on its head

AI is the biggest wild card to hit humanity since the invention of fire. Maybe the biggest ever. 

We’re already starting to see exponential growth in the AI sector. This is going to have massive implications for every aspect of life on earth. I’m feeling super strongly that it’s going to be absolutely critical for us to really understand this at a spiritual level – because ultimately it’s not just technology, at its core it’s a spiritual issue and how we understand and work with it spiritually is going to make or break the future of humanity.

Join Me Next Sunday, January 7 for a LIVE 2024 Energy Update Meetup

I hope you have enjoyed this 2024 energy update article and found it helpful. If you did, you need to know that this has been the Readers Digest version. Like I said before there is so much more I have to share with you about this amazing and powerful year ahead, including about AI. 

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