The 2021 Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological even that marks the point in the year when the star Sirius rises with the Sun. It’s called the Lion’s Gate because it occurs in the sign of Leo the Lion. The Lion’s Gate happens every year on or around August 8.

In 2021, the actual time of the alignment happens on the 6th or 7th of August (depending on where you live). Because the numerology of 8/8 is so powerful most people will celebrate it on August 8th. However, it’s not just a one-day event; these energies will begin to be felt around July 26 (the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal) and will remain strong on the planet through about August 12th.

What’s the big deal about the Lion’s Gate energies?

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and considered to be the spiritual sun, illuminating the spirit as our sun illuminates the physical earth. So as you can imagine the alignment between the Sun and Sirius is a significant event and a powerful portal for spiritual energies to enter the earth plane each year.

Last year, I asked my Akashic guides to explain the Lion’s Gate energies. You can hear what they told me here.

This year, because I’ve been feeling SO much energy around the Lion’s Gate 2021, I decided to do it again. I’ll share those insights at the end of this post. But first, I want to share some of the general downloads I’ve been receiving for months pertaining to this time – because it is intense and very exciting!

Acrylic painting of a lion by Ona Christie

What’s the significance of the Lion’s Gate Portal 2021?

In addition to Akashic inquiry, I’ve been receiving a LOT of direct downloads related to the Lion’s Gate portal as well as the entire Solar Arc period we are in right now, spanning from the March to the September Equinoxes of 2021.

I am very strongly getting the feeling that for Starseeds, this summer (including the Eclipse season and Solstice we just passed through as well as the 8/8 Portal) is/has been a time of preparation, of great influx of Light preparing and activating us to into our power as light warriors.

I’m feeling that those of us who are called to be agents of change on the planet during this time of great shift are going to be called very strongly into service this fall. Of course the timing can be a little different for everyone but I’ve been getting for months, very strong feelings around the period of time around or shortly after the September equinox, that there would be a great need for lightworkers to step into their full power.

So this is it – for many Starseeds, the time for action has come at last!

It’s no coincidence then that we are just entering the Galactic year of the Yellow Electric Seed. This is going to mean breakthrough for a lot of us

Now again – that’s going to mean different things for different people. Remember that in order to break through and grow, a seed needs to crack open. And some seeds need to be exposed to fire, deep freeze, “passing through the belly”, and/or scarifying in order to germinate.

For Starseeds who are still in dormancy, this could be the year that awakens them – so we may be seeing souls awakening on a much grander scale than we have in previous years.

For many, whether they have been awakened for years or just beginning the awakening process, if you haven’t been through it already, this year may provide the “trial by fire” you need to activate you fully in your Starseed potential.

And for others, this may be the year you are finally going to see things open up for you, a time to really break through whatever’s been limiting you and really start to see things grow and bloom, whether it’s in your relationships, in your career or business, or whatever other area of your life you’ve been wanting to see things happen in.

Illustration of the Yellow Electric Seed glyph and associated symbols

Akashic Guidance: 2021 Lion’s Gate Meaning, What to Expect, and How to Prepare

Here is what my guidance gave me to share around the energies and significance of the Lion’s Gate portal. You can also hear this information on YouTube (with a few extra tidbits thrown in) here: 

(What is the Lion’s Gate Portal?)

It is a point where the Infinite enters the progression of Time. It is a catalyst point in the year. Energies build to a high charge throughout the first part of the year. The Lion’s Gate triggers a release of these energies, transforming potential energy into energy of action. Therefore it can set into motion sequences, domino chains of cause and effect.

It especially enables the energies of dissolution – letting go, benevolent destruction. It is a benevolent energy, yet it can set into motion great destruction. This is akin to the energy of Shiva, destroying in order to clear the way for new creation.

(What is the significance of the Lion’s Gate Portal in 2021? Please explain the Lion’s Gate energies and what they mean for humanity at this time.)

It is a flood of cosmic heart energy you are receiving, dear ones, those of you who are open and willing and able to receive.

The love frequency on your planet has just been stepped up and amplified. This is a very energizing energy and it will catalyze much activity in the coming weeks, months, and years.

The Love frequency at this level is like a pure tone and will shatter that which is rigid in men’s hearts. This will cause great discomfort to many, and depending on their resilience and willingness to change, many will choose not to remain on the planet.

There is so much Love being showered upon you at this time, dear ones. If you could only feel the magnitude of the field of Love surrounding you, each and every one of you as individuals, in addition to the great Love with which Humanity is being cradled at the heart of all that is angelic.


(What specifically do I need to know and/or share about the energies of Lion’s Gate 2021?)

We are entering a time of benevolent peace. It may not seem like it, because whatever is not peaceful on this planet is being exposed and will be flushed out. It is imperative to hold that higher truth in your heart.

Again, we are entering an age of benevolent peace. Those who are aware and can bear the weight of this new age upon their shoulders are being asked to keep this frequency, like a sacred flame, alive in their hearts, to embody it physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Do not succumb to urgency. There is no emergency that is more important than maintaining that vibration of benevolent peace in your heart and in your presence.

There are things that will try to pull you from this energy. You must be the calm at the center of the storm. Keep your eyes fixed on the light above and on the horizon, for that new age is coming, and the one who holds the sacred flame of peace in their heart, steadfastly, no matter what comes at them or befalls them or those around them, is the one who brings it to fruition.

By your fruits shall you be known, Lightworker. By the strength of your Faith, by the radiance of your heart, by the steadfastness of your gaze, by the peace in your soul.

What is your guidance telling you about the 2021 Lion’s Gate Portal and the year to come? Please share your insights in the comments box below!

Watercolor lion painting by Ona ChristieFeatured Image: “Call of the Lion” watercolor painting by Ona Christie, 2021. Fine art prints available here.

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