As the pivotal year of 2020 moves into its final months, the infinity sign is showing up to remind us that everything happens in cycles, and all polarities eventually balance out. 

The chaos we’re seeing in the world now (which may yet accelerate) is a reversal, not an end. 

And WE, as individuals and as a COLLECTIVE of awakened souls, have more influence over the outcome than any of us can possibly understand. 


The infinity symbol speaks of freedom. It speaks of the infinite possibility that lies before you in the very void that is opening up in the wake of old systems and paradigms crashing down. 

Possibility that is yours to explore. 

Infinite not only in total options but also in options aligned with Light. For how can the number of possibilities of Truth be less than the total number of choices that lie before you? 

At certain stages of the path, the journey of ascension may seem like one of ever narrowing choices. 

But in reality it is just that we are, one by one, letting go of the things that don’t serve us…

…and entering a state of void or stillness for a while before these can be replaced. 

But replaced they will be, in ways we can’t even imagine! 

If things seem dark at the moment, settle into the darkness.

Rather than fighting, embrace all that has come to you, give thanks for the experience, and release. 

Better things are on the way.

Perhaps you are already beginning to experience the new energies. If so, rejoice in the vast array of possibility that lies before you. 

It is like an unending, ever-changing palette of Light from which to paint a bright new reality. 

A reality you get to choose! 
To craft, to create, to sculpt the entire experience you call your own. 

As we cross this threshold into the dark of the year, I invite you to play with this paint of Light, with the brush of your FREE WILL CHOICE. 

Express yourself. Explore what you can do with it! The world eagerly awaits the art show that is your life.