Star Mandala II - watercolor painting by Christie Michelsen

Star Mandala II: watercolor painting by Christie Michelsen

Happy 2017! I hope you and your loved ones enjoyed a fun and blessed holiday season.

It’s been a while since I last posted. I won’t bore you with the details but I’ve been fighting a battle of self-acceptance. To be honest it’s scary to put oneself out there, as those of you in business (and many other pursuits) know.

With the help of some wonderful guides, both human and spirit, I’ve been learning to value who I really am, not who I think someone else thinks I should be. Realizing that I – like all of us – have unique gifts that are meant to be shared. That denying myself the pleasure of fully honoring these gifts and standing up for my right to do so serves no purpose other than to withhold Light from the world – Light the world so desperately needs.

We’ve recently transitioned into a brand new year. I’ll be honest with you – my gut feeling is that we’re going to start seeing one hell of a shake-up in 2017. But I don’t see it as a bad thing. Rather, as an opportunity and an invitation to shed that which is no longer relevant and allow ourselves to shine.

For me, a key part of letting my light shine is to continue to share these thoughts and inspirations with you. Thank you so much for reading, and being the beautiful person you are.

At the heart of your Being, at the heart of ALL there is, is Light. A Light that can never be extinguished, and that is stronger than any darkness. Never forget it. Let it be a beacon to guide us safely through the storm.

How will you let your Light shine this year?

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