Angel painting copyright Anne C Michelsen 2015

Angel painting copyright Anne C Michelsen 2015

Just wanted to share my latest angel painting. I did this one recently for my lovely British friend Lesley. She has been working with an angel practitioner who told her the name of her guardian angel: Andele.

Lesley told me she’s been in touch with Andele, but her primary “clair” sense is feeling, and she hasn’t had any visual experiences of her angel. She said she would like that very much, since she feels it will help her develop a deeper connection.

So I tuned in to Lesley and asked Andele to show herself in a form that would be understandable to us humans! 🙂 Very quickly, she did: a beautiful female angel grasping a torch, with long flowing golden hair and a “follow-me-and-let’s-have-some-fun” expression!

When I do angel art readings I also ask the angel what message they have for my client. (And, if the client doesn’t know already, I will ask for the angel’s name as well.) Here is what I channeled for Lesley:

The feeling I got from her is that she is calling you to wake up and get into action! (The name Andele even means “let’s go!”) She is so eager for you to start working more closely with her. She says “I promise it’ll be FUN!!” and wants to reassure you that building your business won’t feel like a lot of work and won’t compromise your freedom when you follow her lead. She says she might light a fire under you, though! And that you can be a guiding light to many, and your light will shine like a beacon, bringing hope and light into darkness. “Just follow me, already! I have so many secrets to share with you – what are you waiting for?” 🙂