Do you feel it? Something powerful is afoot! The 2023 Spring Equinox is bringing with it a tidal wave of energy so immense that the world will never be the same again. 

In this Spring Equinox energy update for March 2023, I’ll be sharing my downloads around this incredible, sacred juncture. We’ll explore the nature of these energies, and how they may affect us personally, politically, and physically. And, some ways we can navigate the energies of the March 2023 Equinox with grace and relative ease.

But first, let’s take a look at the context of this equinox from a planetary perspective.

March 2023 Spring Equinox Energy Update: The Next Phase of the Bifurcation

If you’ve been following me for a while (and many others have been talking about this as well) you know that spiritually the earth is undergoing a bifurcation process. That is, it’s dividing into two distinct streams of energy. 

  • One is the ascension or evolutionary stream, moving towards a higher vibrational consciousness on the planet. And that’s the idea behind the Age of Aquarius, because ultimately this path leads to a more harmonious existence for Humanity. 
  • The other is the de-evolutionary stream, moving towards a lower level of consciousness. Most people agree that this ultimately is an anti-life stream

Up until now the energies of the two separating earths have largely existed on the spiritual and mental planes—although they have been engaging in “seeding” activities on the physical plane. 

Now, we’re going to start to see rapid physical manifestation of these energies. The energies of change will start to erupt into physical form. The bifurcation is beginning its next stage of development. 

Remember that this is a bifurcation so we’re going to see manifestation on two levels of creation. (Actually technically it’s a trifurcation, with the de-evolutionary stream split into two factions; for more information on that check out this video. But for now to keep it simple it’s easiest to consider both devolutionary streams as one.)

Right now we are witnessing the creation of two parallel “new systems”, each with the potential of replacing 3D reality on planet earth.

Painting by Ona Christie of snakes illustrating the spiritual bifurcation of the earth

There is no “getting back to normal,” for those who still think of “normal” as “real life” in the 3D world prior to 2020. That accustomed reality is over. Life will never again be as we knew it. We are about to explode into an entirely different reality. It’s just a question of which new reality will ultimately prevail. 

These 2 parallel realities are: 

1. 5D (evolving) Earth.

This is what happens when humanity aligns with the natural, organic, evolutionary power of the Life Force. In humans, the Life Force energy is known spiritually as the Christ Stream – when humans operate in full alignment with Universal Love. When humans co-create with Nature it’s the Eden Impulse. It’s going to result in unbelievable prosperity and beauty on this planet once it fully takes form.

You access and align with this energy through the Heart – this is the unifying force that unifies and transcends polarity. It is only through the Heart that we can truly bring higher vibrational consciousness into the Earth plane and anchor it here in order to manifest or create a higher dimensional reality. This must be done through free will. 

2. Devolving Earth (8 Sphere).

This is the result of humanity aligning itself with artificial, de-evolutionary forces, including satanic (dark) and Luciferian (false light) energies. This is the Death Impulse or Anti-Life Force or Anti-Christ Stream. The physical implications of this path include nuclear annihilation or similar destruction of the planet on the one hand (the satanic path), and soul loss through transhumanism on the other (the Luciferian path).

Or rather, these lower dimensional energies seek to hijack the power of a human being through the lower chakras—especially the sacral center. Typically they do this through trickery and manipulation. The deception can be extremely powerful and subtle. It’s being leveraged intensely right now in the media, on social media, in the schools and universities, in politics, in the health care system, etc. This is why spiritual protection and discernment are so very important at this time. 

Right now both these scenarios are literally being created physically on the planet, simultaneously. This Spring Equinox of March 2023 is the tipping point* where we’re going to see rapid manifestation in both directions at once. 

This is likely to result in what Ken Carey in his Starseed Transmissions referred to as “islands of the future in a sea of the past.” From this point forward we may increasingly see Starseeds, lightworkers, and others who are aligning with 5D energies and vision starting to come together physically in community.

This can look like a lot of things. Some potential ways it may manifest could be things like agricultural communities or private settlements on the one hand. On the other it could be certain existing governmental bodies such as individual countries or states creating legal structures and protections that support the natural, organic evolution of humanity. 

Spring Equinox Energy Update: Shakti Rising

All equinoxes are associated with a change of season. This goes hand in hand with purification. The spring season in particular is known for this: clearing, cleansing, flushing out of the old and a renewal or building or springing up of the new. 

During this spring equinox of March 2023, these energies of renewal are intensely amplified. Immense creative, manifesting energies are being set into motion at this time.

I can only describe what I’m feeling we’ll be experiencing as an intense wave of Divine Feminine creative power. This may take the form of either destructive forces clearing the way for the new, or constructive forces actively building the new, or both. 

Mary Magdalene’s Message

While working on this spring equinox energy update, I was guided strongly to connect with and paint the ascended master Mary Magdalene. SO much information came though that I ended up writing it all up separately. But I highly recommend diving into the information she gave me for a deeper understanding of the energies we’re working through at this time.

Here is the painting, Mary Magdalene of the Shakti Power:

Spiritual art by Ona Martin: Mary Magdalene

You can read the story of the painting along with its message here. And if you’d like to go even deeper, read my blog Chakras of Manifestation and the Creative Process, too – they’re all connected!

A Season of Purification

Right now there is a very strong contraction in the field. This is purging, dynamic, releasing energy. It is setting things in motion. The purification energies are at work: Purging, clearing, detoxifying, breaking down.

This March and this spring season, we may see a LOT of elemental activity – earth, water, fire, air, and ether – as these purifying energies move into the physical plane of the Earth and she begins to integrate them in a physical way.

This energetic flow will also affect the astral plane, and the emotional fields of the earth and her inhabitants. So many of us may experience upheavals at the emotional level as well as triggering spiritual events.

How Will This Affect Us?

  • Physically on the earth, this could look like an increase in violent wind storms, flooding, fires, (including potentially volcanic activity), and/or additional earthquakes, as the elemental forces are activated. Things could potentially get explosive.
  • Politically, we could see analogous happenings – disclosures, inflammatory actions, emotionally charged accusations, etc.
  • At the personal level, this could look like sudden revelations, physical changes such as weight gain or loss, acute illness, inflammation, ascension symptoms such as tingling sensations or ear ringing; accidents. Emotional up and/or downs – watch the liver, there could be feelings of anger or the need for purging and cleansing. There could be intense spiritual experiences as well.

There may also be a wave of souls exiting the material plane. This does not mean these people have chosen the lower path. Some will check out at this time because they can no longer fulfill their soul mission given the bodies and personalities they possess at this time, which are optimized for the old 3D world. Checking out now will allow many of these souls the freedom to either reincarnate in upgraded vessels or to assist from the etheric planes at this pivotal moment.

We are encouraged to release judgment around any perceived suffering. For those who are choosing the way of the heart, understand that all these things are necessary to effect the change our planet is undergoing. Any challenges occurring at this time will serve to catalyze people into action and drive them deeper into whichever stream they have chosen. Which means we are likely to have another wave of spiritual awakenings happening over the next few months!

Abstract watercolor painting of kundalini snake

A Portal for Creative Genius

But don’t think that this Spring Equinox energy update is all about doom and gloom. Actually, the purification process is just to pave the way for building something new and potentially wonderful!

These amazing Shakti energies can just as easily be experienced in blissful and positive ways. It all depends on where you are in your journey, and your life path. Remember, Shakti is the Divine Mother, and all about creation, manifestation, and healing!

So anything you’re working on creating right now, hang on to your hat. The March 2023 Equinox portal is RIPE for receiving spiritual downloads, experiencing feelings of bliss, releases of anxiety, and waves of well-being as lower energies release. There is also huge potential for financial and/or business breakthroughs. You may make important connections at this time, as well. And on the love front, anything is possible!

The key is to relax, listen deeply to your inner voice, trust that Divine Mother knows how to take care of you, and go with the flow.

Bear Goddess painting illustrating the Shakti energies described in the 2023 March Equinox energy update

Spring Equinox Energy Update: Understanding the Energies of Change

One day as I was preparing the material for this spring equinox energy update, I was drawn to listen to Steve Nobel’s Butterfly Transmission meditation. In it, he defines three stages of change:

  • Dissolution – accelerating purification or breaking down of old structures and systems
  • Void – the “eye of the storm”, a time for deep rest, introspection, and renewal
  • Expansion  – accelerating manifestation (building) 

I’ve been through these stages in various ways myself, and witnessed many friends and clients working through them. I feel it’s a very helpful way to understand the transformational process of awakening.

If you are in the DISSOLUTION stage:

It may feel at this time like everything is falling apart. If you’re very newly entering a spiritual awakening, it’s likely that you may have these things starting to happen (now or over the next few years): job loss; loss of loved ones (whether it’s through breakup or moving or passing on); sometimes it’s health issues. There are so many ways that things fall apart or fall away.

If you’re in that stage, recognize that this is a natural part of the process. Allow your emotions to flow, and acknowledge them. Allow yourself to grieve if you need to, but recognize that this is actually part of the transformation process, which is a creative process. This stage of loss is not going to last forever. Know that the Law of Rhythm is in effect here. You will come down and around and back up! Anytime you going through a massive downturn it just means there is so much more potential to come up on the other side of it. So hang in there and know you’re not alone!

If you are in the VOID stage:

This is an intensely beautiful invitation to ground down and sit in the eye of the storm. Remember every storm has an eye of calm. This is the womb of the Great Mother – a place of healing.

This is your time to practice self care at an insane level. Extra rest, eating well, all those good things Mom encourages you to do – do ’em! You won’t regret it.

If you are in the EXPANSION stage:

You may be moving into a period where everything you dreamed of is starting to materialize. You may start to experience amazing synchronicities, connect with just the right people in the right ways, and/or begin to attract amazing wealth and abundance. Incredible bursts of creativity are possible for you as well (and for all of us) at this time!

Keep in mind that these 3 phases often play out in a linear way. But it’s possible to have two or all three energies going at once, in different aspects of your life. For example, over the past two years I was navigating the dissolution stage in my business life, the void stage in my physical health , and the expansion stage in my marriage/relationship aspect of life all at the same time.

Know that whatever stage you are in, the invitation is always there to come into the eye of the storm proactively. Sit and breathe and just come into stillness. Because that’s the Divine Mother, and she will always hold you and offer you her healing and protection. Meditation in particular is a great way to do this. It will support you through this entire process, whatever stage or stages you are working through at the moment.

How to work with the energies of the March Equinox 2023: 

As a recap to this Spring Equinox Energy Update of March 2023, this is both an incredible time for purification and for manifestation. Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate these energies with grace and relative ease:

  • Spiritual Protection practices such as bubbles of protection can help buffer intense energies: practices these both for your person and your home. 
  • Stay in the Heart: practice heart coherence to keep your vibration high
  • Use your Feminine Vision to understand the big picture of what is happening and to receive intuitive guidance. Focus your Masculine Vision on your heart-felt goals and desires at this time – follow your bliss, and fear not to follow! (Watch my Feminine vs Masculine Energies video to learn more about this topic)
  • You may find it helpful to do some detoxification practices: liver care, body purification, fasting, sweat lodges, working out, etc.
  • Coming together in community will ultimately assist in positively directing the energies of the Spring Equinox 2023 far more powerfully than any of us can on our own. You can come together in community:
    • With Spirit – through meditation, prayer, etc.
    • With Nature – commune with her, she will teach you!
    • With others – You know the phrase: where 2 or 3 are gathered there am I (the Christ stream). It’s true! 

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* There will eventually be another tipping point where one or the other scenario ceases to exist physically on the earth. Assuming that the earth continues its ascension course it will in time cleanse itself of the devolutionary energies and ascend more or less fully into 5D and above. The devolutionary energies will no longer have the power to exist in physical form on this planet – they will continue their existence elsewhere on another plane. 

(The alternative potential is for the devolutionary energies to prevail. Ultimately if this were to happen it would be the beginning of the end of life on Earth, and Earth would become a dead, degraded planet. It’s important to be aware of this potential, and also to know that it’s not the course we are on. The only way this could become reality is through focusing on it and getting drawn into it.

This is why it is imperative for awakened souls to have faith and hope, as through the awakening process your vision for the future carries more power to manifest. You may see others choosing the de-evolutionary pathways. It’s important not to allow their choices to divert our focus or to pull us into dark places through concern. Our strength as lightworkers – and what is going to ultimately bring this situation to right – is through focusing on the Light and creating through our hearts.) 

That second tipping point may not occur for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of years from now. We may live physically on the planet in this bifurcated state for quite some time.