Welcome to the Miracle Zone.

WE Are the Master Creators of Reality.

YOU Are the Master Creator of Your Life.

What We Envision, We Can Create. What You Expect, You Will Manifest.

Expect Miracles.

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Sacred Geometry painting

I create art that empowers, uplifts, and deepens your connection with Spirit – including oracle cards, art prints, and original works of art.


Dance of the Dolphins

Learn about upcoming workshops, interviews, and other events to empower your inner Creator. 

Gift of Gabriel

I help spiritually awakened people find their Miracle Zone and become the Master Creator of their life.

Hello! I’m Ona Christie

 Visionary Artist and Energy Worker

Do you believe in miracles? How about magic? 

I do – because “miracles” and “magic” are simply words people use to describe things that the logical mind can’t yet understand.  

But as any artist can tell you, the logical mind is only part of the picture. Not usually the most interesting part, either! 

When we start to tap into the deeper parts of our mind and work in partnership with Spirit and Universal Law, magic – and even miracles – really can and do start to manifest in our lives. 

It’s a balanced state of inner freedom, fulfillment, joy, and purpose that puts you in the driver’s seat as the Master Creator of your life. I call it the Miracle Zone. 

It’s my joy, through works of creativity and imagination, to help open doors to this ancient way of being in today’s world, which so desperately needs it…

Will you join me?

"Since we did a Soul visioning session, I feel that so many things are aligning with nature and fast! I feel better, I eat better, I feel safer, calmer and I have an even more positive outlook on life. I trust and I have faith in life. I am so very thankful!"


"The session was amazing. Just what I needed. I was coming from an extended period of focus on others and work. I had been almost completely neglecting my needs. The session connected me to my spirit and reminded me what I need to do to stay connected... I am starting to feel like myself again. Thank you for reminding me that just being me connected to my spirit helps the world.”

LJL, Marquette, MI

"I just finished listening to the recording (of my session), and it was even more powerful the second time around. I especially liked how you guided me to access my own inner knowing, as well as sharing what was coming through to you…It was a very helpful and enjoyable experience for me, and I’m looking forward to working with you again."

– Melissa L., Dallas